Lego Voltron

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Lego Voltron robot standing on a wooden table

Busted out some new Lego this weekend: Lego Ideas Voltron (set 21311). I grew up with both Lego and the five lion version of Voltron so there was absolutely no way I would miss this. It had been sitting in storage for almost a year first at my parents’ house and then in the cupboard downstairs. But this weekend found me with good weather, a balcony, and a free afternoon.

I’ll leave the build details and proper review to folk more nerdy than I, but I’ll say three things:

  1. This thing is yuuuge! ~40cm tall when standing as the combined robot.
  2. Yes, the robot separates into the five individual lions.
  3. Some of the build techniques are impressive. The way the arms articulate at the shoulder to securely hold the enormous sword and shield without flopping about is very, very clever. As is the way the design of the chest crest exposes the edge of a 1×2 slotted tile to create the crown on the top.

Highly recommended model. Particularly as a set first created by a fan and made all the way through the Lego Ideas process to become something I can have in my own office.