Photo: La Larr Ba Gauwa

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Sunrise in the aussie bush at La Larr Ba Gauwa mountain bike trails in Harcourt, Victoria
The Aussie bush ain’t bad

While visiting my folks in Kyneton (country) Victoria, I took the opportunity to visit La Larr Ba Gauwa, a brand new mountain bike park opened just over a year ago in Harcourt (30km north of Kyneton). I’d never heard of it until stumbling across the parking lot signage a few months back when exploring the area. This was my first visit. But it won’t be my last.

I rode the “north trails” today which are the fast, flowy, jumpy trails of the park. If I’m honest, I’m neither fast, flowy, or jumpy, but I had a whale of a time pretending! The trails were superbly designed and built (particularly if you like tight, bermy switchbacks), and fantastically well signposted; probably the best signposted trails I’ve ridden. I rode trails 1 (green) & 2 (blue) to connect over to the North trailhead and from there did a couple laps each of loops 3 & 4 (both blue). Trail 4 in particular had a good mix of flow, berms, (a few) rocky bits, and uphill challenges. Will definitely ride trail 4 again, but I’m also keen to give the South trails a try next time focusing on technical (natural) terrain as a comparison.

Overall a cracker of a morning! Highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in the area with your mountain bike.