Stages 3 and 4

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Stages 3 and 4

Stages 3 and 4 today were exactly the same route: 22km of outback singletrack, sandy 4×4 roads, and a few rocks here and there. Stage 3 was the morning ride, 4 was the evening ride.

The day route was tough in so far as I really tried to push myself to be fast (it was an individual time trial after all). I overtook a handful of people (which felt great 🤫) and was overtaken by a couple people, one of which was a pro rider. All in all, challenging for me to push as hard as I could, but around the perfect length to allow me to do so.

The night route was very cool! I didn’t believe the many people who said it’s easier to ride at night, but in many respects it actually was. There were long gradual climbs I could see during the day, but at night I barely noticed they were there. It’s also very very cool to be out in almost pitch darkness, with only the sound of tyres on sand and rock. I enjoyed the moments when I couldn’t see people’s lights in front or behind me. When stopped, it was quiet and peaceful.

Great day of mountain biking, 45km in total, no naps in between. Stage 5 tomorrow.