People say I’m opinionated. These are my official opinions.

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Review: iPad (as digital picture frame)

In the second instalment of ‘Reviews’ blog posts, I’ll give you my take on the iPad, in the context of what I bought it for. (And a little bit about the general context). There’s a bit of a preface to this review, so if you happen to be looking for information specifically about the iPad as a digital photo frame, you can skip ahead. Now, most people know me as a sort of a geek. I love computers (Macs), and I love the web (the web).

Review: Stereophonics @ Life Centre, KL, 28.4.10

Preface: I’m adding a new type of blog post: Reviews. I think this is a good idea seeing as people tell me I’m opinionated — which I am — and this will kind of be a way to formalise some of those opinions. Let’s crack on Shall we? On monday, Kelly rang me from work asking if I’d like to see Stereophonics on Wednesday night. I’d heard of Stereophonics, but never heard their music. Whenever I hear the name it reminds me of Stereolab, a band I love, but a modern version.