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Goodies is a repository for things I’ve created for myself, that I want to share with the rest of the world. Over the years I’ve downloaded and used many a file created by the talented people of the interwebs. Things like application templates, wallpapers, icons, source files, tutorial files, etc. It’s a great way to learn stuff, or just save some time in your workflow. And it’s all made possible by people sharing their handiwork.

I want to give something back to the community. Come ‘n get it.

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Icon: Twitter for Mac app

Update These icons have now been upgraded (again)! Check out the new Twitter for App icons v3!   Well, my prayers have been answered: Tweetie for Mac, my favourite the best desktop Twitter client, has been updated into the official Twitter for Mac app, available from the Mac app store. You need OSX 10.6.6 to get access to the store but, Twitter for Mac is free! Radstix. Now, if you’re already using it, you’ve noticed the icon has changed from the previous icon, in my opinion for the worse.

85 free icons — 1960s Matchbox cars

A few years ago, I saw some scanned pages from a 1969 Matchbox car collector’s catalogue. A few days ago I sat down and went nuts for three days to turn those beautiful illustrations into icons for Mac and Windows. It was tricky; the registration[1. Registration is a printing term meaning the printed colours don’t line up properly. Read more on Wikipedia.] was out on the original print making it difficult to cleanly remove the car from the white background.

Free music!

I used to be in a band. Well, two actually: Season, and Subnormal. Good friend and former band-mate McGauz has recently been working hard on his latest musical project The Black Hundred. But in the midst of getting some tracks online, he’s gone nuts and put all of our — Season’s — releases (and some live tracks) online for free download. Go to this page to listen and grab some free music!

Free font – Registrate

A long time ago, like many graphic designs, I had an affair with font creation. Using Fontographer I designed and built a font called Registrate — based on Australian car numberplates — which came in two flavours: rounded and straight. You can have them for FREE! Waaaaay back in the day, I created Mac and PC TrueType and Postscript versions of the font. Now, using FontLab Studio, I’ve exported OpenType versions as well[1. I don’t really know how to use FontLab to any reasonable standard.

CS4 and CS5 icon files

Last year, I created a Photoshop file of the Adobe CS4 icon that I customised with my initials. I used this to export a nice avatar for various sites and networks. This year (well, a few days ago) I created a CS5 one. You can have them both for free :) The PSD files are completely customisable as you can see from this screenshot of the layers panel. If you want the authentic look, you’ll need Myriad Pro font (which comes with the Adobe CS Installs).