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Beer label design: Piwo Neptuna

Tap the image for a detailed draggable view I’ve designed a beer label for my Dad: Piwo Neptuna (Neptune Beer). Why? A friend of mine in KL works for a label printer and got me a good deal on 500 labels, professionally printed, die-cut, and finished. Something that may have cost triple the amount back in Oz. And Christmas was nearing. It was a fun exercise; I’d never done a beer label before. Being an Aussie bloke (and a designer) I have a massive appreciation for the number and variety of beer labels.


Back in the day I was into graffiti. Not in the sense of running around, head wrapped in cloth, face mask on, stealing spray paint, nocturnal activities type of ‘into it’, but into drawing graffiti pieces on paper. It’s safer, legal, and requires jumping zero fences. A couple of years ago Marty returned to me a folder containing many of the pieces I drew in my youth. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw in, in fact I’d’ve never remembered it had it not been handed back to me all dusty and puberty-ly-era-ed[1.

Faux passport memento

Our good friends Karen and Joel are leaving Malaysia and heading back to an Aussie life. Karen and Joel have been instrumental in keeping us expats from boredom and stagnation. They’ve been the organisers of almost all the events you read about on my blog, and between them they attend every bloody one! A bunch of us came up with the idea to create a keepsake containing photos of Kaz and Joel with friends, and anecdotes of how they first met.

Name card design

Not long after I arrived in KL there was a design conference (KLDW 2010) on. I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet some design-minded friends! I bought my tickets and awaited the first day. Late the night before, I suddenly realised I had nothing to offer anyone should I get talking. I wanted to have a card of some sort so people wouldn’t forget my details. In the middle of the night I started thinking about something interesting I could do (this was a design conference after all).

Hazelnut cufflinks

I bought a brown suit a few years back during the epic ‘Summer of Four Weddings’. One of my shirts had french cuffs, but for this suit my trusty red Lego cufflinks wouldn’t do. I believe cufflinks should be an extension of your personality, so I decided to make some of my own, out of hazelnuts! They were the right size, the right colour, and I love hazelnuts. Perfect. They were pretty easy to make, I just sawed the bottoms off each hazelnut with a fine metal saw, and scraped the nut out with a nail-like piece of steel.

Wedding ring design

Early in 2010 I got married. In the month before the big day, I had ordered a titanium ring from Esty.com. It was inexpensive, and masculine. When it had arrived and I held it in my hand, I realised that I needed to design my ring. For such an important, once in a lifetime event, how could I not? So I got to work. I wanted something heavy, but not big; something special, but not showy; something handcrafted, but not delicate.

Tattoo: Lizzie / Maya

A good friend asked me to create a tattoo design which contained the name of his wife Lizzie, and the name of their daughter Maya. The (literal) twist? He wanted an ambigram. How could I say no to this challenge? I knew I’d have chance of success, especially after creating a monogram for some friends a little while back. But a monogram is much easier because you’re really only balancing some elements visually, an ambigram requires not only that, but the same elements must be used to create two separate things — Mr.

Font: Registrate

I think every graphic designer has the desire to create a font for themselves. This is my attempt. It’s called “Registrate” because it’s based on Australian auto number plates. To gather the resources to start drawing this font, I walked around Yarraville with my digital camera looking for each letter of the alphabet. I got some pretty, shall I say, inquisitive looks from the locals :) but I got what I needed. The font comes in two variations, straight, and rounded.