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Some videos that I’ve made. I’m interested to learn a bit out filmography, and the editing software that goes with it.

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Fish food video

Fish Food from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. A quick video I put together for a blog post I wrote. I did this one with Adobe Premiere, as a test to see what it was like. It was good. In short, it kicks Final Cut Pro’s arse when it comes to a newb video editor like me. I like it very much and will be using it for the next few video edits. I shot a few minutes of video with my Canon 5D mk II with the mind that I could put together something for my blog.

Movember 2009

Movember effort 2009 from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. In 2009 I participated in Movember. If you don’t know what Movember is, you should read this quick summary. In short, I raised $385! So, I thought while I was doing this to myself, I should document it. This is the result. Really, this was a way for me to find out how to make a photomontage in Final Cut Pro. It was less straight-forward than I had thought. And I wish I had access to a morphing plugin :( Music: A Night In Tunisia by Art Blakey.

The Shift

The Shift from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. When we moved into our apartment in Kuala Lumpur in 2010, I thought I’d set up the camera and see if I could get a time lapse capture of the movers doing their thing. I had nothing in the apartment to put the camera on, so it sits on the floor in the corner. It was a bit of an experiment. I set the images to e shot at 1/10 second to get some blur in the stills.


Raindrop from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. It was really coming down on afternoon (in Kuala Lumpur) so I got my camera and 50mm 1.4 lens out to see if I could capture an interesting contrast between the raindrops on the window and the bokeh of the outside world. Nothing really came of it, but I followed a single raindrop running down the window which was kinda cool. This is just raw footage.

All The Time In The World

All The Time In The World from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. I was in Cambodia in 2009 with a couple of friends and my future-wife. While in a tuk-tuk going out for the evening, I uncovered my camera and started shooting some stuff. I didn’t know whether I would use it for anything but I thought I’d see what I could get. In the end I used the footage to make this short video, with Chantelle as the unwitting focus.


Ambrette from Bart Kowalski on Vimeo. Marty & Jane at The Order in Melbourne. This is my first crack at doing something useful with footage from a canon 5D mk II, using Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. The soundtrack was scored ‘live’ in a single take using Bloom for iPhone, while I watched the edit in FCP. My computer made funny noises I’d never heard before :(