This is my digital design portfolio. If you like what you see, and you think I can help you out on a project, please contact me. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to contribute to.

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Print: Dead Letters CD package

CD package for Sealight‘s EP titled Dead Letters. Sealight approached me to design the band’s first CD. Sealight’s music is light, textural, organic, and intimate, so I used an image I had taken on Fox Glacier in New Zealand for the cover. I expanded the image concept through the rest of design by incorporating the textural elements of the glacier. The ‘lightness’ was created naturally by the pale blues and greens of the glacier, and further realised with light-weight and -colour text.


Icon designs for I approached Bump Technologies to design an icon for their excellent mobile app Bump. I approached them because I thought the current icon wasn’t doing the app justice in terms of design and execution. I thought it looked unfinished, degrading the perceived quality of the app itself. After tweeting an offer to present some sketches, we began a dialogue culminating in three icon designs. The current bump icon is a literal representation of how bump works.

Icon: Twitter for Mac app

Update These icons have now been upgraded (again)! Check out the new Twitter for App icons v3!   Well, my prayers have been answered: Tweetie for Mac, my favourite the best desktop Twitter client, has been updated into the official Twitter for Mac app, available from the Mac app store. You need OSX 10.6.6 to get access to the store but, Twitter for Mac is free! Radstix. Now, if you’re already using it, you’ve noticed the icon has changed from the previous icon, in my opinion for the worse.

Icon: Gmail Counter

Prologue I use Gmail Counter, a Safari extension for Gmail users written by Elia Cereda. If you use Safari, and Gmail, I strongly suggest grabbing it. And not just because I designed the icon ;) As with all designers, when I see a design that could use improvement (in my eyes), I want to improve it. As Gmail Counter is a free extension — which I assumed was/is written by a single developer in their spare time — I thought I could help.

Website: Cakes of Taste

Website design for Cakes of Taste, a Melbourne-based collection of cake artists. This project had a tight deadline and budget, and my design concept was created and mocked up within eight hours(!), with a further four needed for refinement and multiple page templates. It was a speedy effort! The design for this site needed to follow from the branding design, in that it had to look ‘edible’, be easy to find cake examples, and not look too ‘expensive’. The final design is simple, with the main focus being the user’s journey to find the perfect cake, and the secondarily to find contact information.

Website: Seek Watercooler Index needed a design for a new section of their website which contained poll questions, answers, and user comments, called Seek Watercooler Index. The concept of the watercooler — a place where people gather to talk and gossip — was brought to us by the client, and thought it would be perfect to make the website an actual watercooler. The client agreed this would work, so I created the first designs with a cartoon-like watercooler graphic. Upon reflection (the over-night test), I decided that the site would be more interesting to make the watercooler a realistic image of a watercooler, adding a background showing some people standing around talking.

Website: Prosperity Property

Website design for Prosperity Property, a consulting service for people looking to purchase properties for investment. This design project was part of a larger branding exercise for Prosperity Property, including a logo design and an EDM design. All elements had to work together in a consistent manner, but the website was the piece that really took the branding elements the farthest. The primary purpose of the website was to gain users’ trust and respect enough for them to make contact with the company.

Website: ExtremePT

Website design for ExtremePT, a highly specialised personal training company, based in Victoria, Australia. ExtremePT differs from many other personal training services because offers high-level, and specialised training to its clientele, and does not service the average person looking to get into shape. The clients are already in shape, and are looking to target specific areas of fitness or strength building. Essentially ExtremePT is exactly that, extreme personal training. Following on from the logo design, the website was to be hard-edged and energetic.