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Selected samples of graphic design projects for various clients including large corporations, medium- and small-sized businesses, government and educational groups, and not-for-profit organisations.

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Print: Twelve Hundred Times CD package

CD package for Laura‘s album Twelve Hundred Times. Melbourne-based band Laura asked me to design their latest album package. Laura’s music varies in tone and dynamic, but is always layered and textural. The microscopic image of volcanic ash was chosen to represent the themes on this album: “Post WW2 Poland/Europe. Determination and survival. Ash, betrayal, distrust, revenge.” The cold greyscale colour and starkness amplifies these themes. I used a spot silver behind the ash image and for some of the text to enhance what would essentially be a black and white CD package.

Print: Dead Letters CD package

CD package for Sealight‘s EP titled Dead Letters. Sealight approached me to design the band’s first CD. Sealight’s music is light, textural, organic, and intimate, so I used an image I had taken on Fox Glacier in New Zealand for the cover. I expanded the image concept through the rest of design by incorporating the textural elements of the glacier. The ‘lightness’ was created naturally by the pale blues and greens of the glacier, and further realised with light-weight and -colour text.

Print: Two Points exhibition booklet

Booklet design for an exhibition titled “Two Points In Time’. This exhibition celebrated former Photographic Imaging College (PIC) students, who have continued working in photography either commercially or artistically. “Two Points In Time” refers to the time each student began at the college, and when their exhibited photograph was created. Using this idea, I created a somewhat surreal graphic for the front cover, which is explained later in the booklet. The graphic is reminiscent of artwork by Hipgnosis, most famous for their album cover designs for Pink Floyd.

Print: PIC DL brochure 2009

Brochure design for Photographic Imaging College (PIC). For this brochure design PIC wanted to really highlight the photographic ‘craft’ and level of expertise the college can give to the student. A set of images of photographic studio equipment being set up was shot inside the studio at the college. From seeing these images, I had a few concepts for the brochure, but pursued only the one I thought was the strongest. I wanted to use traditional-looking black and white images, but in a non-traditional way.

Print: Yes Maybe No CD Package

CD package design for Laura‘s EP Yes Maybe No. The band Laura asked me to design a package for their new EP “Yes Maybe No”. I liked this project immediately because the title was so ambiguous and intriguing — my mind started thinking conceptually right away. The band had just returned to Australia from a tour across Europe, so I used photographs for the front and back cover which I had shot some years earlier from a plane window on my own trip to Europe.

Print: Subnormal CD package

CD Package design for heavy-rock band Subnormal. As this was the debut album for the band, I wanted to make the design simple, aggressive, and timeless. Something that wouldn’t pigeon-hole the band into a certain look or style. As fire is one of the simplest, and rawest forms of power, I chose to use this as a theme throughout the CD package. The album title “Theory For Evolution” represents that as mankind, we are in an age where it is possible to map, or design, our own evolution.

Print: Six Degrees Executive corporate profile

Design of a corporate profile for Six Degrees Executive is a highly specialised recruitment consultancy based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Six Degrees Executive needed a corporate profile a s a ‘leave-behind’ piece and a promotional tool. The design needed to stand out from the typical A4-sized brochures that pervade the corporate world. I decided on a tall format, and pushed for special inks like metallic silver, and a spot UV, to do as much as possible to help the brochure be memorable.

Print: (Re)Capitulate CD package

CD package design for Laura‘s album (Re)Capitulate. The concept for this project was based on the nature of the album. This album is a live recording, so I chose to make the design raw and spontaneous, just as Laura’s music is. As (Re)Capitulate contains songs from Laura’s two previous albums, I wanted to represent this visually somehow. I achieved this by taking the child faces painted by artist Heidi Yardley from the covers of each of the two previous albums, and combining them into a single surreal face image.

Print: Royal Children’s Hospital Project tender

Package design for a tender proposal to rebuild the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia. The Children’s Health Partnership, a consortium comprising Babcock & Brown as sponsors, Bovis Lend Lease as builder, Spotless Group as facilities manager and architects Billard Leece, Bates Smart and HKS (US), approached Six Degrees Digital to design and produce their tender proposal in a creative way. The project was large, because the proposal itself was enormous — consisting of several lengthy texts and design proposals for the hospital, as well as conceptual and architectural drawings, legal texts, After exploring a few concepts, the decision was made to approach the package from a child’s perspective.