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Selected samples of graphic design projects for various clients including large corporations, medium- and small-sized businesses, government and educational groups, and not-for-profit organisations.

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Print: Poultry Palace Brochure

Brochure design for Poultry Palace, a Melbourne-based supplier of poultry to the retail and service industries. The focus of this project was simply to make the product stand out, look delicious, and be desirable. This brochure involved both graphic design, and extensive photographic retouching. The layout was simple and clean, allowing for the product images to dominate. The products were professionally shot, so I had great images to work with, but work was needed to enhance the beauty in the food, and to clean up all blemishes and inconsistencies.

Print: PIC poster 2008

Poster/brochure design for the Photographic Imaging College (PIC). For this design, I wanted to give the annual brochure a dual-purpose, so that the same piece of collateral could be used in different ways. I designed this piece as a brochure and as a poster. This idea allowed the brochure to be distributed in the traditional means, but had the possibility of the poster to be hung up in schools and other places such as photographic supply stores, as a way of advertising the college further.

Print: Kurosawa CD package

CD package design for Kurasowa‘s album Your Star Has Fallen Over. The concept for this CD package stems from photographs the band members had taken themselves while in France. Upon studying the images, I saw many were of different lighting sources or effects. I chose to run with the theme of ‘light’, as the images correlated with the title of the album. To make the photographs really pop I reworked them in Photoshop so they all sat on a completely black background.

Print: Jess & Ben monogram

Monogram design for friends’ wedding. I was asked by good friends Jess and Bento create a monogram to mark their wedding day, as well as collateral pieces for the day itself, including a programme for the wedding ceremony, guest, and table, name cards for seating places at the reception. I was honoured and excited to take on the project. So much so that within minutes of accepting I began sketching ideas for the monogram. Within a few hours I had a refined sketch that I emailed to the couple, who were extremely happy with the design.

Print: ANZ formal function invite

Invite design for a formal ANZ function. As there were only 120 guests to be invited to this formal function, I thought I could create something special, that could be finished by hand. Once I realised this, I set to work thinking and sketching ideas that could only be done by hand. The end result is a combination of digital printing, special stock, and hand-finishing. The first stage was designing and setting up a file for the digital press. Using two specialty stocks: a pearlescent off-white, and a textured grey card, tests needed to be run at the print house, Bambra Press.

Print: ANZ Diwali festival invite

Invite design for an ANZ cocktail function celebrating the Diwali festival. A simple design, playing on the theme of Diwali, or festival of lights. In this design the lights or lamps are represented as small circles of colour made by forme-cut holes in the front cover. The bright watercolour pattern inside can be seen through these holes. The concept of light really comes to life when, once the dark front face is opened, the bright watercolour pattern inside is fully revealed.