Bart Kowalski

Bluey** the blue-tongued lizard is back

And buggerlugs appears to have a knack for sniffing these fellas out. Probably not a good thing… She’s found two in as many days, the first of which she picked up in her mouth 😬.. Picked this little guy up and put him inside the old unused aviary until evening when Jessie’s inside and he can escape to safer plains. ** Even though we obviously have several blue-tongued lizards roaming around, we’re calling all of them Bluey for simplicity.

Custom cuts

Continuing the garden edging project (probably 80% done (🥵)) and came acros some serious tree roots. Pulled out the handy little tool Mum (@rybalu) bought for me recently to take an accurate tracing. Got to work with the angle grinder and file and viola! Snug fit (with a bit of space for future growth ;). Also nicked a bloody pipe so had an emergency quick fix with a 25mm joiner so we could keep the water on 😬

Hansel and Gretel came by for an afternoon snack today

King parrots, male (red) and female (green). These guys visited regularly around this time last year when we moved in but were almost completely absent throughout 2020 and we’d thought they’d moved on. Fortunately Hansel and Gretel returned sporadically through August and have upped their visitations to a couple times a week in September. Hopefully they stick around into 2021 this time 🤞😬🤞.