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Free: Illustrator isometric grid templates

Ever wanted Illustrator to give you a page full of isometric grid guides? Me too. So I created one. Well, some. And they’re free for you to download and use! A set of Adobe Illustrator (.ai) templates compatible all the way back to version CS. The templates contain a unlockable layer group of isometric guides so you don’t have to do anything other than start working! There are 18 files in total covering portrait and landscape orientations in both International Standard page sizes and US sizing.

Blast from the past

In preparation for the arrival of my new Mac Pro, I wanted to create a cloneable ‘virgin’ install of Snow Leopard, all my user settings, and all my applications and their settings. The idea being I can simply clone this virgin install to my new boot drive. (I’ve since decided to simply clone my current boot drive, so I don’t waste spend time installing each application and reconfigure its settings, something that would take the best part of a full day, plus a week or two of adding bits and pieces as I come across them.)