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Nope. My chocolate.

Found this on YouTuizzle this morning. It made me actually LOL. The ad’s cut perfectly. Quick and snappy. This ad highlights the difference between the acting skills of actors and sports personalities. Putting sports people in advertisements has always been a pet peeve of mine; I can’t ever recall seeing an advert where a sports personality looks, feels, or sounds natural, but of course I understand why they are squeezed in there. Roger Federer isn’t too bad in general but it’s still obvious he’s not an actor.

The Kiwis do it again

Warning — this is not a rugby post…[1. Congrats, by the way :)] What’s with these bloody Kiwis? They’re some of the most creative people in the world (and they have the best conferences). Seriously, the few times I’ve been to New Zealand and caught some ads on TV, or even at the cinema (I saw Eagle vs Shark in Auckland :), I have been jaw-droppingly blown away. And not that one ad, many ads. They just seem to have either: more creative talent than I’ve seen anywhere else more accepting and/or daring clients willing to go more and more left-of-field both?