Alice Springs

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Well Stage 5 kicked my arse!

42km of singletrack, 4×4 trails, and a cheeky rock garden. This trail had everything, including the kitchen sink . Found the last 15km difficult to concentrate due to fatigue. Made some simple mistakes and came off a few tiles but thankfully didn’t hurt myself. Despite absolutely hating the last third of the course today, I must say the trails out here in Alice Springs are top-notch. For what they have to work with, there seem to be endless kms of very well groomed singletrack.

Stages 3 and 4

Stages 3 and 4 today were exactly the same route: 22km of outback singletrack, sandy 4×4 roads, and a few rocks here and there. Stage 3 was the morning ride, 4 was the evening ride. The day route was tough in so far as I really tried to push myself to be fast (it was an individual time trial after all). I overtook a handful of people (which felt great 🤫) and was overtaken by a couple people, one of which was a pro rider.