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Something remarkable happened in a recent game of doubles tennis: I was at net with my partner receiving. Both teams were in the standard doubles configuration of one up and one back. The ball was served to my partner who hit a weakish shot at the opponent at net. The opponent promptly wound up for a massive forehand winner and let loose at full strength, sending the ball hurtling toward my face at maximum speed from about five metres away.

Amazing movements in dance

Marquese ‘NONSTOP’ Scott. Amazing. (Sorry for the short posts lately, I’ve been playing “tourists” while my parents have been visiting the last 10 days or so. I have a bunch of half-written posts and ideas in my drafts… and the work is piling up for when I return from Singapore in a week. Soon though, soon)

Holy crap!

I forgot to tell you about the TOILET in Starhill Gallery! ZOMG![1. This is probably the only time I’ll use ZOMG in a non-sarcastic manner.] I can’t believe I forgot about it! So, while I wandered around taking the photos you saw in the previous post, Kelly went to look for the bathroom. I had no idea where she went, but it was a good 10 minutes before I saw her again. She asked me whether I had been to the toilet, which I hadn’t, and she slipped me a 1 Ringgit note, and took me to where the toilets were: Down that corridor and to the right.

A night out at Tarbush

Living in KL, I realise that it’s a ‘stay-out-late’ culture. All the shops and plazas are open until 10pm every night, and people are out and about in droves. It’s preferable to be out after dark as the temperature drops and it’s more comfortable. I, myself, am an early bird. I’m awake by 6am without alarms, and I get out of bed more or less when Kelly gets up. In the meantime I usually surf the net, or watch a TV show or movie.