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Chippewa (Ojibway) manitou sculpture

That time I was enamoured by a Manitou in the form of a bobcat and was so very close to taking it home from the store at Majestic Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and then we saw our first actual bobcat in the wild as we left the park. Was it a sign? 🤔 From the sculptors’ website: Bobcat is a totem of Vigilance and Suspicion. He’s not ‘hyper-vigilant’ or paranoid, he’s just keeping both eyes wide open while he’s awake and probably one while he’s asleep.

Terry the owl

While I was downstairs at my computer this morning I received a photo message from my wife (who was upstairs). It was a photo of a Northern Cardinal bird hanging out in the neighbour’s tree. Kelly was excited because I had excitedly relayed sightings of this bird to her on several occasions, and this was the first time she’d seen one with her own eyeballs. I was excited because I love animals, particularly furry woodland creatures, ducks, dogs, and polar bears.

Bingo! (update 28.5.10)

So, not long after we left the mountainous region of Zakopane, I decided I’d play a bingo-esque game of find-the-woodland-critter. Now that we’ve left the Zakopane region, spent a few days in Warsaw, and now a couple days in Białowieża, I’ve checked many, but not all, things of my list of things to spy in Poland: Hare Fox Woodpecker Bear Beaver Squirrel Wolf (In nature reserve — Thank god) Deer Hearing an Owl Bison Eating snow Drink from 3 running rivers (only got 2, but we’re going to Mikołajki [lakes district] tomorrow, so I expect to have this one too) Bonus points: seeing an Owl A woodland creature capturing another for dinner UPDATE: (so, a week ago we saw a bird pulling a worm out of the ground and fly away with it.