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Indie Mac software

I’ve gone on a spending spree for indie Mac software. I write this as both an acknowledgement for these hard-working developers, and as a sort of apology. (And a spontaneous list of Mac software I use and recommend). Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly purchasing licences for the software I’ve been using a lot. Which is good. But software I’ve used only a handful of times, even if I really needed it at that time, I haven’t purchased licences for, instead relying on licences from friends, or, um, “other sources”.

Open letter to Loren Brichter of (updated again)

Dear Loren, Let me first say how much I love using the new “official” Twitter iPhone app. I used to use Tweetie for iPhone, and I absolutely understand why the powers-that-be at Twitter bought your creation. Put simply, it’s radsticks with sauce. And clever. Clev-sticks? Secondly, let me say how much I love using Tweetie for Mac. It’s all the clevsticks of Tweetie for iPhone, but for Mac. It’s simple, small, and simple. Put simply, it’s rad. But it’s not perfect.