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Hermit’s Rest, Grand Canyon

The hike ahead, 2 miles up 😳 Hiking down into the Grand Canyon today, Hermit’s Rest Trail down to Santa Maria springs (and a little further). 2.6 miles in and 2.6 out. Started at 6:45 to beat the heat. Funnily enough it may have been harder on the way down than up 🤔Spectacular scenery as one would imagine. For the rest of the day it’s lunch, coffee, feet up, and tryna sync all photos captured on the trip so far to the MacBook.

Angel’s Playground

Walking to the Angel’s Playground in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Millions of years ago this was a forest. Then became a seabed. The tree trunks survived and petrified to become rocks, some with precious gems forming inside. Angel’s Playground has a bunch of these tree-like rocks, and we saw a few which had knots. It’s weird touching something that looks like a log but feels like stone.