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Well, we finally made it. Waiting at Saigon domestic airport, 333 beer in-belly, for our flight to Hue. Updates may be sparse for the next week[1. I think I’ve scheduled a post tomorrow… no, wait. It was the previous post. About Gmail. ], but I know you can wait it out. I’ll allow you to stray if need be — 50km rule and all that — but I’ll expect your attention again starting next week. Speak ‘ron Barto Day 1, Getting to Hué Paperwork Car, plane, wait, plane, car The Shining Tea which tastes of the milk after you’ve eaten all the Froot Loops Cyclo x2 Rice crepes, spring rolls, pizza, 333 Followed by cyclo x2 Thwarted shakedown attempt Refuse to go down for international power adapter Sleep Day 2, Hué Tennis Swim Poached egg, toast, bacon, fruit, yoghurt, coco pops!


A couple of weeks ago Kelly and I took a week-long trip to Laos. Why Laos? Well, we’d never been before, and it seemed to be a place which avoided the touristy aspect of travelling in Asia. Also, Kelly’s cousin-in-law is from Laos, and her cooking is feckin’ awesome! I won’t bore you (and me) with an exhaustive description; instead, I’ll try a brief summary in point form. You can skip to the photo gallery now, but the photos will make more sense if you read the text first.