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Nerding out — ten lessons learned

Having emerged from my two-and-a-half day nerding out, I have a few things to report. Firstly, by and large, it went smoothly and according to plan. I followed my own instructions meticulously, and let me tell you, it was time consuming. So much so that I had to leave stuff running (copying or backing up) overnight on both nights. Fortunately anything running overnight was fine in the morning, and I jumped right back into things the next day. Secondly, the experience did take its toll on my mind and possibly my motor skills.

Nerding out

It’s been a long time between computer clean outs for me. My main computer (Mac Pro first version) has been doing little funny things for a while, maybe 12 months or so, and I’ve been meaning to clean it up a bit. By little things I mean here and there an application would crash occasionally, Path Finder runs slow sometimes and become unusable, SuperDuper! runs slowly (but still runs thank god). Y’know, the little annoying things. Not to mention all the dust that’s accumulated on the inside of the machine over the last few years.