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Elbow in Honkers!

I’m extremely happy to have booked tickets and flights to Hong Kong in July to see Elbow (despite my generous offer). Since being in KL, we’ve missed them play Oz twice (this tour included), so we’re not missing out again. The first time I wanted to go so badly, I tried to move our trip to Japan around to accommodate, but I couldn’t. So, I made my parents go instead. They bought me a t-shirt and a tea towel (!).

#16: Don’t wander off

I recently came across this expression of poetry and truth again. I haven’t toured with a band extensively in my life, but from the few times I have, I know this hits the nail right on the head. If you feel like shit all the time, drink less beer at the gig. You will play better & feel better. What are you… a child? Some have the endurance for self abuse. Most don’t. Don’t wander off. Let someone know where you are.