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Go Rockets!

I’ll be honest about two things: I didn’t think the Rockets had any chance against the Thunder in this playoff series, and The last time I was into NBA basketball was in the late 80s/early 90s… Since we’ve moved to the US, I’ve fallen in love with basketball again. It’s difficult not to when it really is the no.1 sport. People here grow up on basketball. It’s in their veins. It’s remarkable to watch. When I was younger we’d watch the last night NBA games on Aussie TV and try mimic the moves of the great players of the Jordan, Bird, Magic era.

Operation ‘HangNet’

Ballin’ After 15 months of living in our apartment in KL, I finally made my way down to the ghetto court that can be viewed from our balcony to play some basketball: It was pretty fun, albeit a bit hot in the afternoon sun. The court surface is surprisingly nice; it’s concrete, but it’s smooth and almost feels polished, enough even to get a few squeaks from your shoes!. It has some dirt and dust here and there, but considering the court is a carpark during the day it’s in very good condition.

A rad day (in ten acts)

Unimaginative titles aside, today was a rad day (Sunday 17th July 2011); one of the best — if not the best — in recent memory. Act I Brekkie+ with my inner nerd circle. According to Michelle Brekkie+ is: …not unlike an eDinner but for the time of day and the medium [Google+ Hangout instead of Skype]. The five of us sat down and hungout via the intertubes from Kuala Lumpur to Green Gully, sharing a delightful brekkie+ of Kelly beans.