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When tyre sealant doesn’t seal (and other tales of woe)

See that white stuff on my water bottle? That’s tyre sealant. On today’s ride, right in the last mile or two, I suffered a puncture. However I didn’t realise until I rode into our accommodation that it had even happened. That’s the beauty of a tubeless wheel setup — there is no inner tube, just the tyre and the rim. The liquid sealant sloshes around inside the tire until you get a puncture when the tyre pressure rapidly spurts the sealant out through the hole effectively clogging it so you can continue riding.

Galloping Goose Trail, BC

Tomorrow morning, our last in Victoria, BC, I’m gonna pretend I have a road bike and try ride some decent kms along the Galloping Goose trail. Today I spent the morning in Hartland Mountain Bike Park north of Victoria, and let me tell y’all, the British Columbians trail rating system if different from everywhere else I’ve ridden. When you’ve been tackling intermediate and *some* diamond trails successfully around the States, it DOES NOT mean you can successfully ride BC intermediate trails.

🇨🇦 Canada Day 150 years 🇨🇦

Celebrating #canada150 with Canada-flavoured M&Ms at our camping site in #banffnationalpark. Pulled in this arvo after a long drive from Waterton, set up the tent in 10 mins, then hit one of the many #mtb trails surrounding Banff before dinner 🚴 🚴 ♀️💨! Turns out the Canadians love their mountain biking and have legitimately pro, well maintained trails a stone’s throw from our camp site. Today’s ride was a 12km (metric system!!!) twisty, rooty singletrack with some nice berms, a bunch of climbs and descents, and awesome views of the bow river valley.

11 miles road then some Moab MTB

Yesterday morning I underestimated what riding 11 miles on a mountain bike before hitting the trails would to my legs 😩. The view, however, was breathtaking. (Spoiler alert: I survived). Riding several sections of #moabbrandtrails was pretty awesome. If I recall correctly, we rode a section of Bar M, then half of Lazy/EZ loop, did the Rockin’ A section (which was the highlight; an hour or so on Moab’s famous Slickrock, through some semi-technical terrain, and happy I attempted all lines, and completed probably 97% 🤙), then back on to Bar M, and finishing with the second half of Lazy/EZ loop (which had some fun flowy singletrack downhill toward the parking lot 😄).

First ever MTB ride in Moab!

Today we did our first mountain bike ride in Moab. Riding desert #singletrack is a lot of fun (except having to ride up rocks). “Slickrock” is ironically not slick at all; it’s like riding on sandpaper so tyres grip onto it well. Still, like most people I assume, I prefer to ride on a downward slope, where tyres needing to grip while you try to hoist yourself up over a ledge isn’t really a thing. Luckily for us, the ride back to the parking lot was all downhill, fast, and flowy singletrack.

Gator Park

So, you’re heard of swimming with sharks, but how about riding with ‘gators? You can do this at Brazos Bend State Park, Texas! And once our good mate Nina[1. Nina was the first friend we met in Houston, and actually the very first ‘local’ I ever spoke to :)] invited us to go riding in the ‘Gator Park’, we couldn’t think of a good reason not to. Gators, pfff. Complete riding crew were Kelly + I, Nina + Thomas, Michael + Jalene, and Nat.

Massa Kritikal, Kuala Lumpur, July 2011

On Kelly’s actual birthday day, we participated in our first Massa Kritikal (Critical Mass). I’ve known about Critical Mass for many years, seeing plenty of them in Melbourne, and watching a good online documentary on the movement. I’ve never really wanted to participate though; riding through city streets in Friday peak hour never seemed like a ‘good’ bike ride to me. Something like the Melbourne Roobaix is more my style, although I’ve never done that either (seems like you need to be pretty fit) but at least it looks fun!

Massa Kritikal

We’re riding our first Critical Mass tonight in KL (or anywhere for that matter). Looking forward to it. Will report back with some pics hopefully… The above video is footage from the April 2011 Massa Kritikal ride in KL. This video was not created by me. It was ‘borrowed’ for this post from YouTube and was created by TheAimanretro. All copyright resides with the author. I’m kind of stealing this for use here because I was getting errors in the video when embedding.