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Government-sanctioned exercise

Now that Victoria is in Stage 4 lockdown, we’re allowed 1hr if outdoor exercise per day, and not more than 5km from your home. This 7km loop will become *very* familiar over the next 6 weeks. Luckily it’s pretty quiet, with three of the four roads being gravel and the bottom stretch on an 80kph asphalt road. I’ll see a rabbit every once in a while, and hopefully a roo now and again to keep it interesting 🤞 – BTW, this is four (4) laps of a 7km loop, not a 28km loop.

New bike day! Well, not for me :(

Due to a recent bicycle downsizing, I’ve chosen to retire my trusty ol’ travelled-all-over-the-USA Salsa titanium frameset. I was planning on hanging it in the garage as a nostalgic showpiece but I think it deserves to be ridden! And how better than by a dad alongside his childerbeasts! – A hard dive into the parts bin resulted in a complete bike of mostly used parts, save for some spankin’ new tyres and grips. A relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning :) Will ride a treat once lockdown is lifted and I can deliver to its next owner… 😬