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The new gold standard of UX blogs

A great friend of mine has started a blog about UX design (and non-design). UX, where X is a kiss. Check it out because she knows her sh*t. And I know she knows her sh*t because sometimes I think I know my sh*t, but then I tell her about the sh*t I know, and she replies with the sh*t she knows, which immediately makes me question whether the sh*t I know really is the sh*t, y’know? If you’re into UX, love stories, and possibly unicorns, UX where X is a kiss is the sh*t you should subscribe to.

No comment

As of today, I’m turning comments off for this blog. I’ve considered turning comments off on my blog for a while now, for two reasons: I don’t have many people commenting, and I feel many comments are more or less ‘approvals’ of the post which could be simply replaced with a ‘like’ button (not that I’d place a like button as a regular action item on my posts). Basically, they’re friends and family saying ‘I agree with what you wrote’.

Happy 1st birthday

It’s official: I’ve been blogging for more than one year. But blogging on for less than a year. When Kelly and I arrived in KL, I decided to blog to let folks back home know what living abroad was like. This began on a free wordpress account over at b(log)keeper. My first post was written on the 13th March 2010 at 6:36pm. This was more than a year ago. I wrote at b(log)keeper for about three months until Kirko had finished building my brand new blog-centric site here at


A quick note I’m going to begin separating the single-photo posts on this site from the main posts. What this means is that individual photo posts will not be displayed on the home page or the RSS feed, they’ll only exist in the photography section. Instead, I will begin a series of monthly posts (my brain is yet to hatch a name) containing a gallery of photos I’ve worked on for that month. Most of the time, I create more images than I write articles, and I feel it takes away from the textual aspect of this site — especially for folks back home who are reading to find out what’s been going on in KL.