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Berkshire Mountain Distillery, New Hampshire

Stopped in at Berkshire Mountain Distillers in New Hampshire to see if they had a nice #gin. And, well… The (delicious) range of gins at Berkshire Mountain Distillers 😋 Each year they use their tried and true base gin recipe and add some of whatever’s in season, some of whatever’s growing out back, age it in barrels that used to house $200 per bottle beer, and a bunch of other treatments. It sounds like a gimmick — and kind of is — but each year the gin is slightly different and they don’t go over the top (they still need to market it to bars that make classy cocktails).

Broken Ladder Cider

This is the best cider money can buy. Each of the three ciders @bc_fruit_company makes is incredible. This is how they make cider: they take apples, squeeze the juice, and stick it in a vat for two months. Then they can it and sell it; no preservatives, nothing else added. It’s just fermented apple juice. It’s subtle and delicious.


It’s been a while coming, but remember Malaysian race day? Well, this is what apparently happened afterwards. (Tap for the large version). The drunken, mischievous cast of this photographic production, clockwise from bottom: Jonathan Mags Tori T-Jizzle Kelly G-Bizzle (yes, that G-Bizzle…) Anna (aka Carrots, aka Mrs. Johnston, aka A-Jizzle) Chrissy Dr, House (aka “Claire”) Anne-Marie Gavin Colin Joel Me Thanks to — I presume — the bar staff for taking this photo, and thanks to Tori for letting me show it to the world.

Malaysian Monopoly Pub Crawl™

Today, in my inbox: Hello All, Well, the Inaugural KL Monopoly Pub Crawl is only 1 day away! The 1st pub will be (drum roll please) . . . . . [1st pub name] Details are below. We will be meeting at [1st pub] at 12:30pm and we will be leaving [1st pub] by 1pm off to the 2nd pub, so please don’t get left behind. [address removed] [Google Maps link removed] If you are coming from the city and you would like to join Bart, Kelly and Anne-Marie for a ride to [1st pub], there will be a minibus leaving [Bart and Kelly’s place] at 12 (NOON) SHARP!

20105 vs 77

===== Update ===== 7-5, Anna’s win Holy shit, how hard is a real game of tennis? Especially in full sun, searing heat, god-knows how much humidity, and zero breeze. Sweating up a storm just by keeping our eyelids open. Wow! It was a good game, but it was long. It started out as 0-2 in my favour, Anna even remarking it may be a victory in straight sets. But not long after it was hit for hit, point for point, game for game.

The nags

On the weekend, a group of 16 of us went to the races. Horse races. In Selangor, Malaysia. It was a great day (and a boozy night), so much so that as I type this two days later, Kelly and I still hungover. I can’t remember much after sundown, but I know this: Booze was drunk Money was lost I snapped some photos while I was still able. It looks like we had a whale of a time despite my dislike of the sport.

Sunday brunch @ The Westin

A couple of weeks ago we went to the famous (in KL) Westin Sunday Brunch. Approximately $100 Oz gets you free-flow bubbly, beer, or basic spirits; an enormous amount of gourmet Italian-inspired food, and access to an eye-watering (yes, you read that right) dessert bar. Sounds expensive? Believe me you get your money’s worth. I can’t remember all the dishes we ate, but I do remember everything except the BBQed squid being absolutely delicious. The photos below don’t show everything — see this link for more — but I did shoot some pics of balloons blown by the balloon-blowing clown (!!!).