British Columbia

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Galloping Goose Trail, BC

Tomorrow morning, our last in Victoria, BC, I’m gonna pretend I have a road bike and try ride some decent kms along the Galloping Goose trail. Today I spent the morning in Hartland Mountain Bike Park north of Victoria, and let me tell y’all, the British Columbians trail rating system if different from everywhere else I’ve ridden. When you’ve been tackling intermediate and *some* diamond trails successfully around the States, it DOES NOT mean you can successfully ride BC intermediate trails.

Broken Ladder Cider

This is the best cider money can buy. Each of the three ciders @bc_fruit_company makes is incredible. This is how they make cider: they take apples, squeeze the juice, and stick it in a vat for two months. Then they can it and sell it; no preservatives, nothing else added. It’s just fermented apple juice. It’s subtle and delicious.