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Moving to a new city means meeting many, many new people. Meeting new people often means exchanging phone numbers and email address (I’m not on Facebizzle). In Malaysia, I had to whip up some DIY business cards for KL Design Week which worked a treat[1. Well, kinda: some people didn’t get that the cards flipped up to reveal new information, and instead tried to open the fold up completely. As a UX guy, this annoyed me, but I stuck with it because it generally worked for the intended purpose.].

Name card design

Not long after I arrived in KL there was a design conference (KLDW 2010) on. I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet some design-minded friends! I bought my tickets and awaited the first day. Late the night before, I suddenly realised I had nothing to offer anyone should I get talking. I wanted to have a card of some sort so people wouldn’t forget my details. In the middle of the night I started thinking about something interesting I could do (this was a design conference after all).