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Gecko in da house (reprise)

Approximately nine months ago there was miniature gecko in our house. He was tiny!. Well, this evening, Gordon Gecko (new name!) has made a reappearance at an astonishing 4-inches long! That’s four times the size he was nine months ago. Impressive, most impressive. Geckos are cool, and they have sticky feet. Some make rad sounds at night (Gordon hasn’t yet though). I’m going to research whether they eat anything other than insects, and if so, put a little treat out for him one night.

Gecko in da house

This little bugger was spotted in our place last night. He is a full one inch (!) long, and cute as hell. We left him be. We figure these things are like daddy-long-legs’ in Oz — safe to keep, and is good luck to have one in your house :) Here’s hoping. Update See what’s become of the gecko after nine months!