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Open letter to DiGi Malaysia

Dear DiGi, Please stop spamming me via SMS. I know it’s been 15 months since I’ve signed up for your service — which is 15 months of SMS spamming — but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I received and SMS from you informing me ‘my accumulated charges had reached 50%’. There are a couple things wrong with this: 50% of what? We pay for an unlimited phone and data plan, so how could I reach 50%?

Open letter to AirAsia X

Dear AirAsia X, Someone should go to the Service Desk next to the check-in counters at Melbourne Airport, grab Michael “I refuse to give out my surname because it’s a privacy issue” the Service Desk guys’s ego, and kick the fucking shit out of it. ===== INTERLUDE ===== As Kelly and I packed to come home to KL, we realised we would be over our pre-paid 15kg each allotment of luggage. So, we jumped onto to upgrade our total to 40kg from 30kg.

Somehow, I managed to…

…lock myself out of the hotel room today. from the INSIDE. That’s right, my door key worked, but I couldn’t push the door open. The security latch had flipped across to lock me out, somehow. The front desk called the ‘engineer’ after I explained my predicament. It sounded like it might take a while to sort out. The front desk woman gave me a complimentary drink (1) card, and asked me to wait in the mezzanine bar, and they would notify me when everything was under control.