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Feeding your clients salmon

Zeldman lays it out: I’ve trained my cats to think they’re in charge, and to think they exact a tribute of two breakfasts from me each morning. Initially I feed them each half a small can of salmon. The white cat finishes first, and scratches at the cabinets for more. As if in response, I feed them each a half can of whitefish, exactly as I always intended to. They finish with gusto, convinced that they’ve won. I am so in client services.

Design clients, please read

Here’s a webpage describing exactly what every designer wants to say to many, nay most, of their clients, but few ever do: How to give design feedback. A must-read for any design client; please spend five minutes doing so. It’s not a stab at how “bad” clients can be, it’s not derogatory; it’s a way for you to get better design from your designers, and for your designers to be able to give you better design. A few tidbits to get you going: First rule of design feedback: what you’re looking at is not art.