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Hover-iffic footnotes

Update I’ve come across an issue/bug with the hover function, so I’ll be reverting back to the old non-hover-iffic footnote system for the time being. I’ve notified the original developer of the issue, so hopefully he’ll respond with a fix. Unfortunately, It might be an issue with the way I have my homepage set up, so the developer might not see it as an issue to be fixed globally. Here’s hoping though… This is a public service announcement From this day forth, you’ll be able to hover over footnote reference numbers and see the footnote inline.

Salads and Javascript

Never thought I’d see those two words together. To save posting two tiny tidbits in one day, I’m combining them to see what happens when you mix words about salads, and words about Javascript. Salads Last week we had three of Kelly’s workmates around for dinner; two visiting Thais and a Malaysian. Everyone was excited to have “Australian” cuisine[1. Bwahahahahaha!] which meant only one thing: BBQ! Along with some steaks, hamburgers, lemon-herb chicken breasts, and Kransky (which the Malaysian could not eat), Kelly and I smashed out three of the best BBQ salads we’d every made!