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Mitch Hedberg

I ate one anchovy, and that is why I did not eat two anchovies. Today, my friend Fox accidentally reminded me of the comedic talents of the late Mitch Hedberg. His comedy style is a rambling of one-liners that are sometimes ad-libbed, and can be obscure, child-like, and silly. But they are also genius. Many of his jokes take a bit of thought — or realisation — to understand, and on the one album I’ve heard, the audience can be slow to start laughing.

Why do you believe in God?

Ricky Gervais pretty much sums up my thoughts on God: Why I’m An Atheist. Arrogance is another accusation. Which seems particularly unfair. Science seeks the truth. And it does not discriminate. For better or worse it finds things out. Science is humble. It knows what it knows and it knows what it doesn’t know. It bases its conclusions and beliefs on hard evidence — evidence that is constantly updated and upgraded. It doesn’t get offended when new facts come along.