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BMW Malaysian Open 2012

Prologue Last week I spent most of my waking hours at the BMW Malaysian Open women’s tennis tournament. It was the first professional tennis tournament I’ve attended. With my borderline-feverish enthusiasm for the game of tennis over the last 6–9 months, it’s not an understatement to say I was flippin’ excited. The Monday morning tennis group had been talking up the event for several weeks beforehand, especially telling me how ‘close’ I’d get to the players. I thought this was a bit weird; why would it matter how close I’d be to the players?

Tatto Pizza Night™

Remember Tatto? The Italian restaurant near us in KL (city centre) that I wrote about a while back? At the end of that post, I wrote: “Tatto. Our new favourite dessert place.” Well, I think I can say Tatto is now our favourite pizza place. Or more precisely, Tatto is our favourite pizza deliverer, and our pool area is our new favourite place to eat it. The pizza I think of myself as somewhat of a pizza expert. I worked in a pizza place for seven years, doing everything except for delivering.

Urbanscapes — The KL BDO

Last weekend Kelly and I attended Urbandscapes, KL’s apparent all-day creative arts festival, and what we lovingly call KL’s answer to the Big Day Out. Before buying tickets (~$13 Oz dollars), we did some research. All in all, people said the previous one wasn’t so good. They said it lacked organisation, something I can imagine to be true after attending KLDW earlier this year. Nevertheless, we decided to attend because: It cost $13 Aussie, and What else were we going to do?also,