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5 chicks

Had a lovely 1.5-metre-and-elbow-salutation-themed visit from the Three Nieces️ this arvo. The girls enjoyed finally catching the hens and also met the dog for the first time too. Was good to take a break from digging gravel to eat @borrrring-made chocolate chip cookies and collect autumn leaves.

I shot a Christmas (Eve)

In the lead up to my first wedding shoot, I practised on my immediate and extended family. As with the wedding, this was a first for me — at least in the capacity that I was actively documenting our Christmas Eve celebrations, as opposed to occasionally snapping a frame or fulfilling requests from happily intoxicated relos. This is a selection only, the other 50-odd photos can be seen on our family Flickr page. @Family, you’ll be getting your full set of high res pics in the mail soonish, I promise.