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Hampshire Park explosion and fire (next door to us)

Tonight, at around 7:30pm, there was an explosion and fire in an apartment on the 17th floor of the building next to us — Hampshire Park (not Hampshire Residence where we live). Thankfully, we were out at the great Suzi’s Corner having an awesome steak with about 20 friends when it happened. Reports so far say one person has been injured and taken to hospital. Which is impressive, seeing as many windows of apartments in our building had been shattered — presumably from the either a shock wave or the frequency of the sound.

Retouch: Subnormal CD artwork

The artwork for the Subnormal album Theory For Evolution required some heavy Photoshop work to create a fire that would do exactly what I had in mind. Several images of fire were purchased through online stock libraries. Because the images were from different photographers and different shoots, I needed to firstly colour correct them so they were identical in colour, contrast and tone. While this sound easy enough, it requires very carefully adjustment of contrast and colour hue. It it was off even by a little, it could be seen and the images could not be mixed together convincingly.