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No Flash

Prelude I’ve recently reinstalled the OS and all software on my MacBook Air. This time I’m going to really try and not install Flash Player. Last time I did this, I eventually folded and installed it, even after trying ClickToFlash. It was simply easier to have Flash Player installed and not deal with clicking all over the place. Indeed, my new setup has me manually loading any flash pages into Google Chrome which is even less easy (Chrome has a built-in Flash Player of its own).

MANZA ‘Bad Taste’ Party

Boo! Here’s a sincere word of advice: DO NOT LOOK AT THE ABOVE PICTURE. Last weekend MANZA put on a drinks night with the theme of ‘bad taste’. It was a good opportunity to drop some inhibitions and meet some new people. This, surprisingly, wasn’t too difficult, even for someone looking like a porn director and trainee pedophile :( In point form, my attire consisted of: Mo'[1. I should’ve stopped right there] Slick hair with fluffed up back-end (Mafia at the front, old skool Mel Gibson at the back) Salmon shirt with two or three too many buttons undone Light blue jeans, cuffed My yellow belt 1991 Nike Air Trainer Max 1s Kelly simply wore every pattern she had all at once, including baby blue striped anklet socks with pink pumps.