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Google Web Fonts

I think Google’s free web font archive is the bees knees. I’m no web developer though, so I don’t know what downsides there are to using these fonts on an important website. I guess because it’s free, and controlled by Google, they are able to change the font availability, pull it altogether, or amend the licensing terms without your knowledge, but as far as I can tell that’s the only downside. The upside is we now have access to more than 200 fonts to use confidently across the web, whereas before we had a dozen or so.

Free font – Registrate

A long time ago, like many graphic designs, I had an affair with font creation. Using Fontographer I designed and built a font called Registrate — based on Australian car numberplates — which came in two flavours: rounded and straight. You can have them for FREE! Waaaaay back in the day, I created Mac and PC TrueType and Postscript versions of the font. Now, using FontLab Studio, I’ve exported OpenType versions as well[1. I don’t really know how to use FontLab to any reasonable standard.

Font: Registrate

I think every graphic designer has the desire to create a font for themselves. This is my attempt. It’s called “Registrate” because it’s based on Australian auto number plates. To gather the resources to start drawing this font, I walked around Yarraville with my digital camera looking for each letter of the alphabet. I got some pretty, shall I say, inquisitive looks from the locals :) but I got what I needed. The font comes in two variations, straight, and rounded.