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Let’s talk doughnuts

Above is a picture of where the best doughnuts I’ve (probably) ever eaten used to reside. There’s no photo of the doughnuts themselves because I didn’t think it was necessary. I mean, we’ve all eaten great doughnuts, and they don’t all warrant a portrait, but the 100 Layer Doughnut™ from Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville, Tennessee does. Or rather, did. So, let’s talk doughnuts. It’s like America and France made slow sweet love and had a pastry baby. Five Daughters The state of doughnuts in …the States When we lived in Houston I thought the pinnacle of doughnuts was Hugs and Doughnuts Donuts.

The best apple I’ve ever eaten

We grabbed only four apples from an orchard in La Crosse yesterday, and as soon as we arrived at our hotel and bit into one, we knew we made a mistake: we should’ve grabbed a whole bag. It was the best apple I’ve ever eaten; extremely crisp, the skin was thinly stretched over the fruit like a water balloon filled to capacity and it took barely any force to break into it; the fruit was so full of juice you needed to swallow multiple times with every bite; and the taste was both tart like a Granny Smith and sweet like a Honey Crisp.

Dinner Club (Erawan)

Once a month or so, the KL Crew select a new establishment to try for dinner. We call this outing Dinner Club™. The rules of Dinner Club are as follows: Select a restaurant the majority of KL Crew haven’t been to The restaurant must be a “nice” restaurant; not hawker food, not a crappy chain, somewhere you’d take a client/family/good friend. You order whatever you want, including wine and spirits. There are no limits[1. Other than reasonable judgement based on our bank accounts.]