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Latte art — feather

So, I’m getting closer, no? In fact, recently I found out a friend of mine has also been trying her hand at ‘proper’ coffee. Focusing primarily on the taste and texture, she had accidentally created some latte art, and therefore automatically challenged me to a ‘Latte Art-off’. Behold! Latte Art-Off (tumblr site) which will document my, Mish’s and Willo’s experiments in latte art. With a winner.

Latte art – winged prawn

I’ve quite taken to making coffees with our Sunbeam coffee machine. Frothing the milk etc. I find it quite enjoyable and challenging. I have the grind and tamping down pat I think. The milk part is the most difficult, and I think it’s because of the milk here, not just my developing skills. Most of the milk you buy from the supermarket says “Made from real milk”. Made from real milk. I think they use this so called ‘real’ milk and basically add sugar syrup to it.