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Learning new things

Above is an image explained in the below list of things learned last night when a few friends came ’round for a spontaneous BBQ: The difference between an opossum and a possum The difference between an opossum and a nutria Rats can climb fences and look cute while doing it A Dodge Caravan looks nothing like a caravan Babies don’t breathe in the womb; they get oxygen from the nutrients in the placenta, but they do ‘practise’ breathing amniotic fluid in latter stages of pregnacy Everyone loves sausages from HEB when they are cooked in beer and onions Everyone loves beer- and sausage-fat simmered onions (The lemon and herb chicken breasts aren’t worthy of a mention) Nectarines definitely have no fuzz (except some actually do) Nectarines can appear on peach trees (and vice versa) If you plant a pip from a nectarine, no fruit will grow on that tree for at least three years, and if it does it’s very likely the fruit will look nothing like the original nectarine it came from The distance Kelly, Claire, and I swam to that little island of the coast of Pangkor was 245.6 smoots; or 798.127 Egyptian old royal cubits; or 3.8 American football fields Mixing banana bread beer and organic chocolate stout works as a dessert beer (!!!)

Texas housewarming

After two months of moving into our house in Houston, it was about time we sprang a housewarming on the friends we’ve made here. It’s a busy time of the year for everyone, but we definitely wanted to sneak it in before the year ended — who’d want to warm a house after six months? We had a great turnout with pretty much everyone who was in town last weekend in stop by, even if for an hour or two before moving on to other commitments (and some even returning afterwards).

Faux passport memento

Our good friends Karen and Joel are leaving Malaysia and heading back to an Aussie life. Karen and Joel have been instrumental in keeping us expats from boredom and stagnation. They’ve been the organisers of almost all the events you read about on my blog, and between them they attend every bloody one! A bunch of us came up with the idea to create a keepsake containing photos of Kaz and Joel with friends, and anecdotes of how they first met.