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Skillz to absolutely crush the billz

I’m on the hunt for a design job in Houston. While looking at positions advertised online this morning I came across a job ad with a detailed list of job requirements (a good sign), with the title “Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Design Department Mgr”, or “a bit of everything” (a bad sign). Below is the list of skills this advertiser needs. Emphasis added is mine. Web Developer: Ability to code, build websites from scratch, overhaul existing sites, build forms, manage shopping cart, develop web solutions and work with databases.

Streamyx Customer Service

No surprises here.[1. Streamyx is known to be a shitty internet service here in KL. It’s run by TM, Telekom Malaysia, in much the same way as Telecom was run in Oz back in the day: no competition, charge whatever you want, frustrating customer service — if you can call it that. It’s no surprise their customer service webpage looks like this]