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Recently it was my wife an my third anniversary. Instead of buying each other a token gift, I sent an email to a guy I met a couple years ago at Webstock, Andrew Fulton. Andrew Fulton is a comic illustrator. I love his quirky style (and I really love his cut-off website title. He did this before it was the new shit!). His often left-of-field, or perhaps left-of-the-subject-matter-you-might-expect-from-said-quirky-style imagery trickles into my RSS reader and gets giggles. I emailed Andrew asking if he could whiz me up a customised make-out drawing, something to mark the occasion.

Things I have received for my birthday so far…

I know, I know, I’m milking it for all it’s worth :P Anyway, for my birthday I received a few things, most importantly my MacBook Air. Well, it was going to be a gift from my wife, but true to form I had to have it ASAP, ruining what would’ve been one hell of a surprise (I never thought I’d receive a whole computer as a gift — who does that?). When my Air arrived I was told that was my birthday gift.