Hampshire Residence

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The first week

For the first time in a long while, I didn’t do much. On saturday, I spent most of the day in bed watching (all 12) episodes of The Inbetweeners, a show that Davo had kindly burned to DVD for me before I left. (The inbetweeners, for those interested, is a British show about four adolescents and their search for “clunge”. It’s halfway between IT Crowd, and real life as a 17 year old male.) This was a rest I really felt I needed.


Today, we moved out of the Prince Hotel and into our new apartment. Well, actually we check out tomorrow morning, but we spent that day at the new place, with the phone man and moving men, and stanley knives, sticky tape, paper (TONNES of butcher’s paper), and air con. Pretty tires right now, but I wanted to show both of you a few pics taken on move-in day. Day zero even: Our apartment blocks (A & B) The ugliest telephone in the universe (now ours): Good packing job by the movers in Oz: Unrelated but cool photo: And then, there’s the view from the balcony: Here’s a link to a youtube version for you iPhone/iPad owners.

Pool vs Kitchen: the verdict

The landlord (finally) agreed to our terms, and today we signed the agreement for an apartment on the 25th floor of Hampshire Residences. Otherwise known as the place with the pool. I’d love to say all the voters dictated the outcome, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case. Simply put, the owner of the ‘kitchen place’ would not come down to a price we were happy with, and in the end took the apartment off the market. Dunno why. Not too fussed.