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Things: Byrd & Belle hand-made MacBook Air sleeve

The latest entry into the materialistic rambling of Things is my Byrd & Belle hand-made MacBook Air Sleeve. Both my regular readers know I’ve been using a padded envelope as protection for my MacBook Air, and for almost a full year it has been a fine solution — especially for a dollar — but an upgrade has been in the works for a while, I’ve just never been happy with the offerings. Enter Byrd & Belle (and Etsy). Angie at Byrd & Belle makes everything herself.

Print: ANZ formal function invite

Invite design for a formal ANZ function. As there were only 120 guests to be invited to this formal function, I thought I could create something special, that could be finished by hand. Once I realised this, I set to work thinking and sketching ideas that could only be done by hand. The end result is a combination of digital printing, special stock, and hand-finishing. The first stage was designing and setting up a file for the digital press. Using two specialty stocks: a pearlescent off-white, and a textured grey card, tests needed to be run at the print house, Bambra Press.