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Hiking Machu Picchu, Peru

In May and June this year, we took to South America for a whirlwind tour of five countries: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. As we’d never been before, the purpose was to get a good taste of South America to find parts we may want to visit again, but in more detail. One of the highlights of the five-week trip was the hiking we did in Peru. We spent two weeks based in Cusco, from where we took two separate back-to-back hiking tours with Mountain Lodges of Peru (very highly recommended!).

Washington State (Again)

Moar photos from Washington State are up. This time ‘round, most are from Olympic National Park and surrounding beaches. Pretty spectacular coastline comparable to the Great Ocean Road back home. I’m mostly caught up with photos now having completed the marathon editing slogs from all National Parks to date. Hopefully I’ll be a little more regular from now on (although I’m sure I just jinxed myself 🤞).

Very rare beargrass at Glacier National Park

Yesterday’s hike to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park. The beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) only blooms every five years (or longer!) so we were happy to experience it! The beargrass jumps out of the landscape because they are bright white, bulbous, and about two to three feet tall. They are positively alien-like, particularly when spread through a dense forest. They remind me of the Kodama spirits from Princess Mononoke. Very cool hike.

Angel’s Playground

Walking to the Angel’s Playground in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Millions of years ago this was a forest. Then became a seabed. The tree trunks survived and petrified to become rocks, some with precious gems forming inside. Angel’s Playground has a bunch of these tree-like rocks, and we saw a few which had knots. It’s weird touching something that looks like a log but feels like stone.