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Special delivery of hundreds of CDs from one storage area to another

Can’t bring myself to get ride of them (yet) despite not owning a CD player. Lots of history here; not just in my musical upbringing but also the local music scene. A healthy proportion of this ,music simply isn’t available on streaming services. I have a long-term plan to rip all the ones missing from my music digital archive, but that’s low, low, low on the list of things to do at #Pobblebonk

Forgotten treasures

When in Oz over Christmas we had a look into some items we had in storage from before we moved to Malaysia, and then the US, to see if there was anything we needed to get rid of. Much of the stuff we found absolutely did: one shopping bag full of approximately 30 pairs of socks (!!!), but a few things escaped the cull. For instance, this 1994 Marin Bobcat Trail mountain bike. ChroMo frame and fork, 26” wheels, 3×7 speed Shimano drivetrain (rust free!),

El Rancho

El Rancho Hotel & Motel, New Mexico, where the biggest stars of the old Western films drank, danced, and slept. This hotel can be summed up thusly: Good but not great. The food was good but not great, the drinks were good but not great, the room, bathroom, location, pretty much everything was good but not great. As negative as that sounds, it is in fact part of the El Rancho’s charm. It’s a “few frills” hotel, and if expectations aren’t too high, quite a fine stay.

Remember the music?

Since I’ve been using my new Mac Pro, I’ve had the “iTunes Artwork” screensaver running. There are two things about this that are great: The first is my monitor stays on for longer, which means I don’t need to wait for it to warm up — and display calibrated colours — after a typical pause in working, like a lunch break. The screensaver starts after 15 minutes, and the screen shuts off after an hour. The second, and more profound, is I get an epic reminder of the decades[1.

The Information

If television produced the global village, the Internet produces the global psyche: everyone keyed in like a neuron, so that to the eyes of a watching Martian we are really part of a single planetary brain. Interesting read:The Information, How the Internet gets inside us.