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Elbow in Hong Kong

Elbow in Hong Kong were awesome and I’m envious of folks back home who’ll be seeing them this week. I’ll be writing about the gig (and Hong Kong) in more detail this week hopefully, but for now I wanted to get aforementioned folks excited about the gig with a pic I snapped but couldn’t upload to Twitter for lack of data connection. Also, see the setlist.


I’m writing this post from seat 2A on Air Asia flight AK67 on the way to Hong Kong. Tonight, we see Elbow! I’ll be offline over the next few days, except for the times we get free wifi. In the meantime have a rad weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side. Barto.

Elbow in Honkers!

I’m extremely happy to have booked tickets and flights to Hong Kong in July to see Elbow (despite my generous offer). Since being in KL, we’ve missed them play Oz twice (this tour included), so we’re not missing out again. The first time I wanted to go so badly, I tried to move our trip to Japan around to accommodate, but I couldn’t. So, I made my parents go instead. They bought me a t-shirt and a tea towel (!).