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Better menubar icons for Remoteless Helper app

The current facts: I’m giving Spotify a go To control Spotify on my Mac from my iPhone, I’m trying Remoteless Remoteless needs a helper app running on the Mac The helper app lives in your menubar The menubar icon/s look crap I whipped up some new, less crap replacement icons You can download them right here (zip file, 1.9kb) Here’s a pic showing you where you replace the previous menubar icons on your Mac And here’s the path: Applications RemotelessHelper.app

Icon: Gmail 2.0

A week or so ago, Google released version 2 of their Gmail app for iOS, sporting a spiffy, sleek, and slightly whimsical icon. I’ve been using Sparrow for iOS and Mac and have been fairly happy until recently when the lack of push email had me itching to go back to Gmail (on the web). Being used to having a standalone email app, I found FluidApp, an easy way to turn web apps into standalone desktop apps. Handy. Except it lacked an icon.

Icon: Twitter for Mac app v3.0

A couple days ago, Twitter updated it’s logo. No longer will they be using the word ‘Twitter’, or the lowercase ‘t’. Just the bird icon (named Larry) and a simplified version at that. Good for them. Now they join the ranks of Nike, McDonalds, and Starbucks as a brand without a name. Not sure if Twitter is as recognisable as those three, but I like that they’ve taken the step, but I digress… For the second time, I’ve updated my free Twitter For Mac icons.


(Tap for large image) I’ve spent a bit of time reworking the 256 pixels that make up my favicon. The old favicon’s blurry text annoyed me greatly, so the new one is sharp as a tack pixel, and has teen weeny rounded corners :) I like favicons. When I reach up to my bookmarked folders and bust down a menu, favicons make all the difference in split-second decisions on which site I want to open. I know they’re supposed to slow browsers down, but I think the visual cues and ease of frolicking through your bookmarks a worthwhile trade off.

Icon: Twitter for Mac app  v2.0

I’ve updated my original Twitter for Mac app icons. Here are the list of improvements (tap here for a visual comparison). New icons are much cleaner and clearer at the smaller sizes In the 16px and 24px sizes, the Twitter bird is replaced with the ‘t’ logo. Much more crisp and less blobby at 8px wide! The dots on the ‘pro’ version are drawn better through all icons, and can be seen on the smaller sizes The drop shadow behind the bird is a little stronger to help bring it forward to match the metal border The twitter bird is slightly larger in the new icons The grey icons have been made a little darker for better contrast against the metal bits Grey and pro grey are now called black and pro black Again, they’re free!

Icon: Bump.app

Icon designs for Bump.app. I approached Bump Technologies to design an icon for their excellent mobile app Bump. I approached them because I thought the current icon wasn’t doing the app justice in terms of design and execution. I thought it looked unfinished, degrading the perceived quality of the app itself. After tweeting an offer to present some sketches, we began a dialogue culminating in three icon designs. The current bump icon is a literal representation of how bump works.

Free: iCS5 icons

Details about iOS 5 were announced at WWDC last week. To celebrate, I’ve created a set of icons combining Adobe CS5 and iOS 5, and called it iCS5. Click the above image for a preview and full Application list. Basically, it’s the icons from Adobe’s CS5 Master Collection (plus a few extras) redrawn in a deliciously lickable and touchy Apple iOS style. 21 icons in total. And you can have ’em for nothin’. Note: I don’t actually own the Master Collection, so the apps I’ve icon-ed are taken from the list on Adobe’s website.

Made it to Apple.com

A little while ago I designed an icon for a Safari web browser extension called GmailCounter. After a bunch of hiccups Elia (the developer) had the latest version of GmailCounter approved by Apple. Which is cool. The best part though, is they’ve now updated the Safari extensions webpage to include my icon! Exciting, no? A small achievement :) Another small achievement I keep forgetting about is having two black and white photographs I shot, developed and printed hung in the National Gallery of Victoria, back around ’97/’98.

Free: 8bit  iPad2  icons

In the spur of the moment I created these 8bit iPad icons based on the old OS9 Macintosh smiley icon we all know and love. And with all the hullabaloo[1. Hullabaloo didn’t give me any issues with spell checker!] about the iPad2’s smart covers, I thought I’d better smash out those as well. You can have the .psd and .png files for free! Don’t know what you’d use them for, but you’re a creative guy or gal; you’ll think of something :) Download the files Download the PSD file (zip file, 461kb) Download the PNG file (png file, 57kb) Free to use and distribute however you wish; just please don’t resell them or claim them as your own work.