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App Store refunds trials

Some time ago, I was reminded of an idea I had almost three years ago, which was in essence, a refund system for IOS apps: you buy an app, use it, and if you delete it from your iPhone within a predefined time, say, 48 hours, you get credited for that purchase. It’s still a strong idea, but this one is better: App Store trials Amy Worrall writes: Developers can choose whether to allow a trial of 1, 7 or 30 days, or to disallow trials all together, on a per-app basis.

Improving the chopping board

Some time ago I was using my beloved big-arse wooden chopping board and I had an idea to improve it, and not by a trivial amount. How to you improve on a chopping board? Well, I’ve seen many attempts in my relatively short travels. Some have been small and non-essential but genuine, while many have been, in my opinion, gimmicks. The chopping board What is a chopping board for? For me, it is a way to chop and slice food in preparation for cooking a meal without dulling the edge on my knives.

An invention for road safety

During Tom Coates’ talk Everything the Network Touches during Webstock, I had an idea. The talk gist of the talk was the networking and connection of modern day appliances and products that could speak to each other and work with each other to make new and exciting things possible. An simple example would be a bathroom scale that automatically tracks and reports your weight. An interesting and perhaps more useful example would be a sensor placed in every car parking space which would continually to The Internets™ whether it was free or taken.